Hey Ewe

Hey Ewe"The Infants were delighted to welcome family and friends to watch their Christmas production on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Audience members were entertained by dancing sheep, sparkly angels, caring shepherds, generous Kings, excellent townspeople, a very authoritative Emperor and superb narrators.  The enthusiasm and quality of the performance of each and every participant was outstanding.  The lively, catchy songs, sung with great gusto and tunefulness  had everyone toe- tapping and smiling.  Rapturous applause at the end of each show was well deserved.  For a permanent reminder of a fun filled Nativity, or an opportunity to see Hey Ewe! if you were sadly unable to join us...there are already copies of the DVD available in the school office.  Thank you for your support and Happy Christmas to you all. The Infant Department 

Grantham Preparatory International School
United Kingdom

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