A visit from the TV. Helping Hands

The Year 5 students are working hard on their "Helping Hands" project. The pupils have to create a business that makes bracelets. The project involves various subjects; in Maths they have to calculate costs and profits, in Spanish they have to prepare articles and advertisements, in English they are studying vocabulary and designing logos and in Arts, they are creating their bracelets. The bracelets will be sold at Open Evening and the profits will go to the Santa Teresa Jornet Retirement Home
Every Thursday a group of students go to the Retirement home and collaborate with the residents in making bracelets. This is a very enriching experience for all those involved, the students learn to be respectful and patient with others not to mention that the residents enjoy the visits from the children and love the attention.
Last Thursday was even more special because we had a visit from the TVG television channel. They were interested in our project and wanted to interview the students about it. They recorded the pupils at school and also at the retirement home. Watch "Axenda Fin de semana" to find out what the students had to say.

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